Directory of Bids

West Mission Bay Drive Bridge

City of San Diego
Shimmick Construction
Subcontractors/Suppliers Requested for, but not limited to, the following: Community Liaison Services, SWPPP, Field Offices, Lead Compliance, Clearing and Grubbing, Cold Plane AC Pavement, Hot Mix Asphalt Suppliers, Place Hot Mix Asphalt Dike, Minor Concrete, Fog Seal Coat, Tack Coat, Rock Blanket, Construction Area Signs, Concrete-Sidewalk, Curb & Gutter, Minor Concrete (Ramp & Textured Paving), Traffic Control(crash cushions, drums, flashing arrow signs, Portable CMS Boards, Temporary K-Rail, Crash Cushions, Pavement Markings & Paint-Thermoplastic Traffic Stripe (remove & replace, Temp & Permanent) Erosion Control, Landscaping Materials and Services, Roadway Excavation, Class II & Cement Treated Base, Curb & Drain Inlet, Remove-Furnish & Install Sign Structure, Install Reinforced Concrete Pipe, Install Steel Pipe, Geotextiles for Drainage, Supply-Salvage-Relocate Rip Rap, Remove-Install Chain Link Fence, Protective Railing, Remove –Install Roadside Signs, Install Guardrail & Transition Railing, Signal & Lighting, Video Inspecting Pipelines & Culvert, Bridge Removal, Structural Excavation & Backfill, Permanent Steel Casing, CIDH Concrete Piling, Structural Concrete-Bridge & Footing, Joint Seal Assembly, Reinforcing Steel, Prepare & Stain Concrete, Misc. Metals, Bridge Deck Drainage, Cable Railing, Bridge Lighting, Slope Paving & Removal, Benches, Ground Anchor Wall, Retaining Wall, Structural Shotcrete, Steel Casing, Sewer Force Main, Manholes, Concrete Barrier, Removal or Abatement of Existing Water Facilities, Handling & Disposal of Asbestos Materials, Cathodic Protection, Bridge Joints, and Trucking.


Joe Henry
16481 Scientific Way Irvine, CA 92618