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West Mission Bay Dr. Bridge – Federal Aid Project # BHLS-5004(049)

Skanska is interested in soliciting in Good Faith all subcontractors as well as certified DBE companies for this project. All interested subcontractors, please indicate all lower tier DBE participation offered on your quotation, as it will be evaluated with your price. Please call if we can assist you in obtaining bonding, lines of credit, insurance, necessary equipment, materials and/or supplies. Skanska will also review breaking out scope packages and adjusting schedules to help permit maximum participation.

Plans and Specifications are available for view at our main office in Riverside or on the City of San Diego Planet Bids website:

Quotes requested for contractors, suppliers and service providers include, but are not limited to:

Prepare Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, Lead Compliance Plan, Clearing and Grubbing, Cold Plane Asphalt Concrete Pavement, Place Hot Mix Asphalt (Type A), Place Hot Mix Asphalt Dike (Type E), Minor Concrete, Asphaltic Emulsion (Fog Seal Coat), Tack Coat, Rock Blanket, Remove Concrete, Construction Area Signs, Traffic Plastic Drums, Flashing Arrow Signs, Portable Changeable Message Signs (Type 1), Type III Barricade, Temporary Railing, Temporary Crash Cushion, Temporary Pavement Markings (Tape), Temporary Traffic Stripe (Tape), Temporary Pavement Markers (Retroreflective and Non Reflective), Temporary & Permanent Erosion Control, Roadway Excavation, Class II Base, Cement Treated Base, Curb Inlet, Drainage Inlet, Catch Basin, CIP Junction Structure, Cleanout, Curb Outlet Replace OCP Inlet/Riser, Remove & Install Sign Structure,18”RCP, 24” RCP, 30” RCP, 48” RCP, 12” steel Pipe, 18” Flared End Section, Geotextiles for Drainage, Rip Rap, Salvage and Relocate Existing Rip Rap, Drainage Inlet Markers, Remove Pipe and Inlet, Chain Link Fence, Protective Railing, Remove Chain Link Fence, Install sign, Metal Post (Roadside Sign) Install Sign (Mast-arm Hanger Method), Install Roadside Sign (Wood Post), Remove Metal Post, Remove Roadside Sign (Wood Post), Guardrail (Midwest Guardrail System 6" Wood Post) Transition Railing (Type WB-31), End Anchor Assembly (Type SFT), In-line Terminal System, Flared Terminal System, Crash Cushion Module, Remove and Replace, Concrete Barrier, Pavement Markers, Paint Traffic Stripe (2-Coat), Painted Pavement Markings (2-Coat), Removal of Pavement Marker (P), Remove Thermoplastic Pavement Markings, Remove Painted Traffic Stripe, Signal and Lighting (P) Video Inspecting Pipelines and Culverts for Acceptance, Pedestrian Barricade, Landscaping & Irrigation, Bridge Removal, Structure Excavation (Bridge), Structure Backfill (Bridge) Cast-In-Drilled-Hole Concrete Piling, , Prestressing CIP Concrete, Temp Trestle, Structural Concrete, Joint Seal Assembly, Bar Reinforcing Steel, Prepare and Stain Concrete, Miscellaneous Metal, Bridge Deck Drainage System, Cable Railing, Handrailing, Bridge Lighting, Slope Paving Removal, Ground Anchor Wall, Structure Excavation, Structure Backfill, Structure Backfill (Ground Anchor Wall) (F), Ground Anchor Wall (Subhorizontal) (P), Structural Concrete, Retaining Wall (F), Architectural Treatment (F), Bar Reinforcing Steel, (Retaining Wall) (P-F), Structural Shotcrete(F), Slope Paving (Concrete) Minor Concrete (Gutter),Cable Railing (P-F), Eastern & Western Mitigation Sites - Shrub Removal, Eastern & Western Mitigation Sites – Revegetation, Steel Casing (30-Inch),Sewer Isolation Gate Valve (14-Inch), Access Manhole (5' x 3'), Removal or Abandonment of Existing Water Facilities Handling and Disposal of Non-friable Asbesos Material, Water Main, Gate Valve, Sewer Force Main, and Cathodic Protection


Jerome DiPadova
1995 Agua Mansa Rd, Riverside, CA 92509