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RFI – Upgrade Current Lock Technology for San Diego Convention Center

San Diego Convention Center Corporation
RFI Schedule
RFI Issued: Monday October 30, 2017
Mandatory Site Visit: Monday November 13, 2017
Meeting Location: Admin Conference Room Above Lobby E, San Diego Convention Center
Submittal Deadline: Friday December 1, 2017
Shortlist Interviews: Begin Monday December 11, 2017

The San Diego Convention Center Corporation (SDCCC) is soliciting responses to this Request for Information from qualified businesses (“Respondents”) who are interested in Upgrading the current lock technology in use at SDCCC (the “Project”). Respondents must identify the techniques, strategies and tools proposed to upgrade and enhance the current lock technology at SDCCC. Based on responses, SDCCC will determine whether to solicit proposals for the Project and may invite respondents to participate in an on-site interview. Respondents must have significant experience successfully performing work comparable to that described in the Scope of Work set forth in this Solicitation.

This solicitation is not an offer or commitment to purchase any goods or services or to award or enter into a contract.

Project Summary:

Upgrade the current lock technology in use at the San Diego Convention Center. The Center currently uses a mix of Sargent lock hardware, including mortise locks, Profile Series G1.5 proximity locks, and Wall Prox 4293 proximity locks. The objective is to replace all existing meeting room locks with a new proximity lock system that is managed from a remote computer on the network.

The scope of the project includes the meeting rooms, box offices, show offices, ballrooms, selected exterior doors, and select employee access doors throughout the Convention Center, targeting 175 doors for installation of new locks.

The current plan calls for executing this project in three (3) phases across (3) consecutive years. The Convention Center hosts events throughout the year and work will need to be scheduled around event activity.

Must-have capabilities of this system include:

Ability to control the various locks from a remote computer over the network through scheduled updates, or forced updates
The capability to pull lock records, including access or propping of the doors.
The ability to retrofit or replace existing proximity locks to avoid replacing the entire door
Compatibility with current door types throughout the facility
All hardware must be UL approved and all installations will be located on fire rated doors.
Best practice information security protocols incorporated into the selected technology

SDCCC is not requesting a proposal, detailed plans, budgetary information or proprietary information in response to this RFI. Respondents should submit a concise narrative which demonstrates a clear understanding of the issues typically associated with the Project, how the Respondent plans to address them, and communicates the respondent’s prior work of a similar or comparable nature and any alternative suggestions for the proposed Project.


8:00 AM
Theresa Robinson Harris