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On-Call Plumbing Services

On-Call Plumbing Services
San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG)
SANDAG is seeking qualified offerors to provide routine and emergency plumbing services at a various SANDAG locations including SANDAG South Bay Expressway Operations and the Rose Canyon building.

B. Technical Specifications
The specifications are provided below for plumbing services with a normal response time and emergency work and repairs with an emergency response time. The specifications are based on needs as currently known; however, the work awarded may include services on equipment that may be added during the term of the Agreement.

C. Minimum Qualifications
Offers shall be accepted from responsive and responsible Offerors that can demonstrate the following:
Must be registered with the Department of Industrial Relations and possess at a minimum a valid C-36 Plumbing California Contractors License under the California Code of Regulations Title 16, Division 8, Article 3. Offerors must submit a copy of their license with the offer.

Work will be awarded to the successful Offeror via purchase orders issued under the Agreement. SANDAG Board Policy No. 024: Procurement and Contracting – Construction, requires that contractors must furnish a performance bond equal to at least one-half of the contract price and a payment bond equal to one hundred percent of the contract price when the amount awarded will exceed $25,000. Offerors are hereby notified that a payment bond and performance bond meeting these requirements will be required if and when a purchase order award is expected to exceed $25,000. The bonds must be provided prior to the performance of any purchase order exceeding $25,000. The bonds must be signed by the Offeror and a corporate surety, who is authorized to issue bonds in the State of California.

D. Description of Services

Offeror shall provide the following services:
• General plumbing repairs
• Confined space repair
• Remodels and build-outs
• Install new fixtures
• Relocate fixtures
• Commercial re-piping of every description
• High-pressure jet drain cleaning – large and small diameter
• Backflow installation, repair, and maintenance
• Fiber-optic pipeline video inspection for documentation and assessment
• Repair/install water circulation systems
• Sewer and drain line cleaning/snaking
• Sewer, drain and waste line repairs (may include cast iron pipes)
• Install and/or repair water heaters
• Water and gas leak detection
• Sink, toilet, urinal and drinking fountain installation and/or repairs
• Gas pipe installation and/or repairs
• Diagnosing problems and making the necessary repairs
• Clarifying the work plan with the SANDAG Facilities Project Manager any questions regarding the work that is to be performed.
• Servicing all equipment using journeyman or equivalent technical level personnel.
• Notifying SANDAG’s Maintenance and Facilities Supervisor anytime a successful Offeror’s representative comes onto a SANDAG site.
• Providing a status update to the specified SANDAG representative immediately following each service call to keep SANDAG apprised of each call’s status.

All services, whether or not detailed in this scope, are not to be performed unless they are requested, given a purchase order number, and approved by an authorized representative of SANDAG. All work shall be billed at the applicable and approved hourly rate in the Agreement and all descriptions regarding specific fees, parts or and any materials markup provided in the proposal must be included in the cost estimate with line-item detail.

Questions regarding this RFO may be submitted by email to Mark Holt at mark.holt@sandag.org no later than 5 p.m. PST at least two days prior to the deadline for offers. All questions and SANDAG’s responses will be sent to all Offerors. Offerors must report any errors or mistakes in the RFO as a question. SANDAG will issue any changes to this RFO via addenda, which shall be sent to all Offerors.

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