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On-Call Electrical Services

On-Call Electrical Services
San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG)
The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) is seeking offers from responsive and responsible Offerors to perform minor to complex electrical repairs and/or services in compliance with all local, state, and federal rules, laws, and regulations, as applicable. Routine and emergency electrical services shall be performed at a variety of SANDAG locations, including the South Bay Expressway Operations Facility and the Rose Canyon Facility. The complete list of buildings is included in Section VII of this solicitation.

The specifications are provided below for on-call electrical services. The specifications are based on needs as currently known; however, the work awarded may include services on equipment to be added during the term of the Agreement.

Offerors must be registered with the Department of Industrial Relations and possess, at a minimum, a valid C-10 Electrical California Contractors License under the California Code of Regulations Title 16, Division 8, Article 3. Offerors must submit a copy of their license with the Offer.

Offeror shall provide the following services.
General electrical repairs as follows:
• Assemble, install, test, and maintain electrical or electronic wiring, equipment, appliances, apparatuses, fixtures, light fixtures, and emergency lighting systems using hand and/or power tools
• Work from ladders, scaffolds, scissor lifts, and roofs to install, maintain, or repair electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures
• Diagnose malfunctioning systems, apparatuses, and components using test systems, equipment, and hand tools, locate the cause of electrical breakdowns, and correct the problem
• Inspect electrical systems, equipment, and components to identify hazards, defects, and the need for adjustment or repair to ensure compliance with all applicable electrical codes
• Connect wires to motors, drives, circuit breakers, transformers, or other components
• Place conduit (pipes or tubing) inside designated partitions, walls, or other concealed areas and pull insulated wires or cables through the conduit to complete circuits between boxes
• Test electrical systems and continuity of circuits in electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures using testing devices such as ohmmeters, voltmeters, and oscilloscopes to ensure compatibility and safety of system
• Plan layout and installation of electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures based on job specifications and local codes
• Prepare sketches or follow blueprints to determine the location of wiring and equipment and to ensure conformance with all electrical codes
• Contractor is responsible for clarifying with the SANDAG Facilities Project Manager any questions regarding the work that is to be performed
All services, whether or not detailed in this scope, are not to be performed unless they are requested, given a purchase order number, and approved by an authorized representative of SANDAG. All work shall be billed at the applicable and approved hourly rate in the Agreement and all descriptions regarding any specific fees, parts, or materials must be included in the cost estimate with line-item detail.

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