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Safety Fencing for Rose Canyon Offices

San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG)
SANDAG is seeking to install a chain link fence along a stepped block wall entering a driveway at the Rose Canyon Offices.

The scope of work includes all labor and materials needed for the fabrication and installation of a new chain link fence to insure safety when entering and exiting the driveway.

The specifications of the work will include but is not limited to the following:
• Chain-Link Fencing
• Galvanzied Base Plates
• Welding
• Labor
See Section 3, Exhibit A - Project Specifications

Offers shall be accepted from Offerors who hold either a “B” or “C-13” license issued by the State of Californian’s Contractors State Licensing Board.

Full compensation for final cleanup will be considered as included in the price paid for the various items of work and no separate payment will be made. Before final presentation of the work, the site must be free of rubbish and excess materials. All parts of the site shall be left in a neat and presentable condition.

Offeror shall install a chain link fence at the following location:
• 5965 Santa Fe St. San Diego, CA 92109
Offerors can schedule a site visit by contracting the SANDAG Project Manager

This project qualifies as a public works project as defined by the California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR). Based on the estimated amount of the entire project, the small project exemption applies. Under small project exemption, contractors who work exclusively on small projects are not required to register as public works contractors or file electronic certified payroll reports for the project. Prevailing wages must still be paid on this project. Contractors are still required to maintain certified payroll records on a continuous basis, and provide those records to the Labor Commissioner’s Office upon request.

A. Low Bid Selection Method
The Offeror that meets all qualifications, is responsive and responsible, and submits the lowest offer amount on the first page of this RFO will be awarded an Agreement. The Agreement shall consist of the provisions in this RFO, cross-referenced federal terms and conditions, any SANDAG-issued purchase order, and the Standard Terms and Conditions, in that order of precedence. No work shall commence until after a notice to proceed or purchase order is issued by SANDAG. SANDAG
shall have no obligation to pay for goods or services provided prior to approval of the Agreement by SANDAG. The selected Offeror also may be referred to as Contractor in the Agreement.

Questions contact:  Regis Dorsaima Regis.dorsaima@sandag.org 

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