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SANDAG Vanpool Program

SANDAG Vanpool Program
San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG)
The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) is seeking proposals from qualified firms to administer the SANDAG Vanpool Program (“Project”). The selected firm(s) must have the ability to lease a fleet of vanpool vehicles to existing and prospective program participants. The selected firm(s) must also be able to adopt new vehicle and transportation technologies, such as automated trip reporting (e.g. trip distance, travel time, occupancy) and zero emission vehicles, as they become available to help sustain program growth over time.

SANDAG intends to award multiple contracts to qualified firms in order to meet its objective of creating a group of on–call firms that will be used to provide vanpool leasing services on an as-needed basis.

A copy of the RFP (5004806) can be accessed from the SANDAG website at www.sandag.org/contracts or by contacting Zara Sadeghian at SANDAG, 401 B Street, Suite 800, San Diego, CA 92101, (619) 595-5359, or by emailing zara.sadeghian@sandag.org. Proposals are due by 3 p.m. on January 22, 2019.


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