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Otay 2nd Pipeline Phase 1

Otay 2nd Pipeline Phase 1
City of San Diego
Silverstrand Construction
We are reaching out to our SLBE/ELBE materials/services/trade partners and kindly ask for a proposal of the following project.

Project provides for the construction of 4,600 ft. (0.9 mile) of new 48-inch pipeline on Woodman Street between Imperial Avenue and Skyline Drive and abandoning of the existing 36-inch Otay 2nd Pipeline. The new 48-inch pipeline alignment will start at the 65th Street and Imperial Avenue and will run south crossing the trolley tracks. Then it will run east on Imperial Avenue turning south at Woodman Street and will end at Skyline Drive connecting to the existing Otay 2nd Pipeline. This new pipeline is proposed to feed the new Cielo and Woodman Pump Station. This project will relocate the existing Pressure Regulating Valve from the Imperial Avenue median, that presently posed safety hazard to maintenance personnel, to the easement South of Imperial Avenue and 65th Street.


2 PM
Christer Horstman