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Remaining Small Diameter CI Water PH 3

City of San Diego
Ortiz Corporation
Ortiz Corporation, an equal opportunity employer, is requesting quotations from all qualified SLBE and ELBE Sub-contractors and Material suppliers performing commercially useful functions for the following project:
Project Name: Remaining Small Diameter CI Water PH 3
Release Date: January 30, 2020 11:47 AM (Pacific)
Bid Due Date: March 3, 2020 2:00 PM (Pacific)
Bid No. K-20-1913-DBB-3
Owner: City of San Diego
Location: San Diego, CA
Estimated Bid Value: $3,859,000.00

SLBE participation: 9.4% ELBE participation: 12.9%
Total mandatory participation: 22.3%
Plans & Specs are available at no cost to interested SLBE-ELBE firms. They can be downloaded for free at:
Additionally, Plans & Specifications are available for viewing at our office or may obtained from the Owner. Portions may be emailed upon request.
Scope of Services: Remaining Small Diameter CI Water PH 3 consists of the installation (replace in place) of existing cast iron water mains with new 8 inch and 12 inch PVC pipes. Associated improvements will include water services, fire hydrants, blow off valves, air vacuum valves, curb ramps, street resurfacing, and other work and appurtenances in accordance with specification.
Quotes for Services and Supplies requested for the following items for bid including, but not limited to:
• 237110 - Water and Sewer Line and Related Structures Construction: Phased Paving; Water Main (8 Inch) PVC; Water Main (8 Inch, Class 305) PVC; Water Main (12 Inch) PVC; Fire Hydrant Assembly and Marker (6 Inch) 2-Port; Fire Hydrant Assembly and Marker (6 Inch) 3-Port; Fire Service Connection and Assembly (6 Inch); Water Service (1 Inch); Water Service (2 Inch)
• 237310 - Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction: Asphalt Pavement Repair; Rubber Polymer Modified Slurry (RPMS) Type I; Rubber Polymer Modified Slurry (RPMS) Type II; Pavement Restoration Adjacent to Trench; Asphalt Concrete Overlay; Replace Existing Curb Ramps with Standard Sidewalk; Additional Curb and Gutter Removal and Replacement; Additional Sidewalk Removal and Replacement; Curb and Gutter (6 Inch Curb, Type G); Cross Gutter; Curb Ramp (Type A) with Detectable Warning Tiles; Curb Ramp (Type C2) with Detectable Warning Tiles; Curb Ramp Modified (Type C2, Per [D-23-24]) with Detectable Warning Tiles; Additional Sidewalk; Temporary Resurfacing; Removal and Replacement of Existing Paint Striping; Removal and Replacement of Existing Thermoplastic Striping and Markings; Continental Crosswalks; Traffic Signal Loop and Appurtenance Replacement (Type E Modified, SDE-104); Cold Milling Full Width AC Pavement (> 1½ Inch - 3 Inch)
• 238910 – Site Preparation Contractors: Concrete Pavement (6 Inch Thick)
• 541690 – Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services: Archaeological and Native American Monitoring Program; Archaeological and Native American Mitigation and Curation (EOC Type I)
• 541820 – Public Relations Agencies: Exclusive Community Liaison Services

Ortiz Corporation intends to seriously negotiate with qualified firms for project participation. Ortiz Corporation is willing to break items of work into smaller increments to assist SLBE and ELBE Contractors and Suppliers in obtaining work on this project. 100% Performance and Payment bonds required. Subcontractors must possess a current contractor’s license. Please contact us for details. Ortiz Corporation can provide assistance to SLBE-ELBE subcontractors in obtaining necessary equipment, supplies, or materials. Ortiz Corporation can provide assistance for SLBE-ELBE firms in obtaining bonding, lines of credit or insurance. Include with your bid the Time required for Performance of your work and any Delivery Schedules so that we can establish a Flexible Timeframe for your work.
Ortiz Corporation is actively seeking and will seriously consider all Quotes from interested and Qualified Consultant, Subcontractor, Supplier and Vendor Certified SLBE-ELBE firms submitted by the bid closing date. Submissions made prior to the closing date stated above are considered responsive. Material suppliers submitting bids in excess of 50-miles of City limits shall be responsible for costs associated with travel, meals, lodging & car rentals for two inspectors. Bonds/Insurance are required, Ortiz will only reimburse cost of actual bond not to exceed 1.5% (NO EXEPTIONS). As previously stated, assistance is available for lines of Bonding/Credit Lines/Certifications including City of San Diego SLBE-ELBE Program registration process. Willing Subs will be signing an AGC Sub-Contract form & adhere to Ortiz terms & conditions with documentation delivery schedule available upon request. Ortiz Corporation is an Equal Opportunity Employer and all participating Subs must follow same guidelines. If you have any questions, please let us know immediately. STATE PREVAILING WAGE RATES APPLY - MANDATORY USE OF APPRENTICES
Please send proposals to estimating@ortizcorporation.com or via Fax at (619)434-7931. Ortiz Corporation requests that any quotes sent as email attachment documents (i.e. Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDF) related to the bid be labeled according to the project name.
NOTE: If you do not wish for your listed SLBE and/or ELBE firm to receive further inquiries from Ortiz Corporation regarding this bid, please return a written verification accepting or declining to bid this project in order to stop receiving further inquiries from Ortiz Corporation regarding this job.


2:00 PM (Pacific)
Estimating Department
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